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Weather in Playa Mujeres offers an extraordinary experience all year long. Enjoy the sun, vast natural surroundings, and the outstanding beaches of the Mexican Caribbean at any of our exclusive resorts.

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weather january and february playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 82°F / MIN. 68°F

Winter months and early spring are top travel times in Playa Mujeres. Weather average temperatures are at their most pleasant, topping out in the low 80s, and many travelers are looking to escape the cold back home with a balmy vacation. Beach conditions are amazing, with calm blue skies, little rain, and a mild sun perfect for tanning without overheating. Be sure to pack a light sweater or jacket for evenings and sunset boating. Discover the virtues of the paradisiac tropical weather of Playa Mujeres. Enjoy dazzling beaches of soft white sand beaches surrounded by the magnificent natural scenarios that our resorts´ exclusive locations offer.

weather march and april playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 84°F / MIN. 70°F

Witness the arrival of Spring and its splendid weather making it a great time to visit Playa Mujeres. The weather averages are still mild with moderate temperatures and lower humidity. Enjoy long sunny days, astonishing natural views and the captivating turquoise blue of the sea in the exclusive resorts of Playa Mujeres.

weather may and june playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 86°F / MIN. 72°F

May is a great time to spot some wildlife. The whale sharks have just arrived and the sea turtles are nesting. This is the probably best time for whale shark sighting. During these mild months, begin the day with a golf match in our world class golf course, take a memorable walk by the sea and enjoy the beauty of the sunset in a paradisiac beach in the Caribbean and by night, live an unparalleled culinary experience at any of the exclusive restaurants of our resorts. All this in a pleasant weather that will make you feel part of the tropical paradise that surrounds you.

weather july and agoust playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 90°F / MIN. 77°F

Experience an unforgettable summer at the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. July tends to have some cloudy days, but overall expert travelers note that the sunny summer months are a great time to soak up the sunshine and cool off with a swim in spectacular crystal blue waters during a relaxing yacht trip sailing from our exclusive Marina. There is a higher chance of rain than other times of year, especially in August, so come prepared for the weather and pack a light rain jacket alongside your swimming suit. The rainy days offer cool relief from the hot sun and are great days to grab an umbrella and explore the ancient Mayan archaeological sites. Enjoy a reinvigorating evening at any of the exceptional spas of Playa Mujeres Resorts. Enjoy all the exclusive amenities Playa Mujeres has for you.

weather september and october playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 84°F / MIN. 75°F

Pleasant hot weather cooled by brief sporadic rains makes the perfect scenario to escape to one of the exclusive resorts in Playa Mujeres. Enjoy the luxurious amenities offered inside each resort or enjoy an outdoor activity in the breathtaking natural environments that will surround you. Hospitality and attention to detail during your stay will make of Playa Mujeres your second home.

weather november and december playa mujeres
Weather Playa Mujeres


MÁX. 84°F / MIN. 70°F

Escape from the winter to a luxurious and sophisticated tropical destination in the most beautiful zone of the Mexican Caribbean.

During these months, there is less humidity, balmy temperatures, and sunny skies. Playa Mujeres has everything for those looking for warm relaxing weather and a wide range of activities. Plan to spend your days walking the beach, taking boat tours, and exploring ancient ruins and jungles without overheating. The sea water temperatures will be cooler than in the summer months, but will still be perfect for swimming. With family, friends or by your own for work, Playa Mujeres is the place to be.

playa mujeres weather


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